Special Diets To Achieve Rapid Weight Loss

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Fad diets were discovered for the great need to lose weight in the shortest time possible. Of course, these diets are not meant to be practiced long term since you’ll be depriving your body with essential nutrient requirements.

Who says that fad diets don’t work? There are special diets that can now be used long term.

Due to several researches about food and weight loss, doctors have found effective heath plan to make dieters lose weight and yet stay healthy.

Here are the three special diets for weight loss.

  1. Cohen diet – The Cohen Program has recently just started and is a program of healthy eating to achieve weight loss fast. It was developed by Dr. Cohen with the goal of correcting hormonal imbalances that lead to weight gain and obesity. Cohen diet was formulated based on the research of hormones that are linked to weight loss and weight gain. This diet provides a meal plan consisting of varied meat products, vegetables, fruit and dairy. It’s all about balanced diet that helps dieters lose fat and weight in the safest healthy way possible. Aside from losing weight, the body is shaped and muscles are toned along with weight loss.
  2. South Beach DietSouth Beach Diet – This diet brings the idea of sexy bodies in bikini for women and muscled masculine men on the beach. It was discovered by Dr. Agatson, a cardiologist. His goal was to improve the diet which was low in fat and developed this three-phased diet. The first phase is to help dieters lose the cravings and start the body to lose weight. The second phase is a longer one to help you reach your ideal weight. And the last phase is maintaining healthy weight. It brings good results because you still get adequate intake of nutrients. South beach diet will provide you with complete meal plan, diet guides and even offers pre-packed foods for you to eat.
  3. Atkins Diet – Dr. Atkins has promised dieters to never starve and lose weight with eating a low carb diet. Atkins diet even improves heart function, memory and overall body wellness. Its theory is that overweight people become what they are because of eating too much carbs. Atkins diet requires dieters to lessen their carbohydrate intake. When the body burns calories for energy, the carbohydrates are first utilized. With lesser carbs, the body makes use of protein and fats thereby will make you lose weight. The fats stored in the body are burned. Those fatty arms, belly, thighs and waist will eventually slim down as you use the energy for work. By consuming more protein foods, you will less likely get hungry so you won’t be eating too frequently.

These three effective diet plans can surely make you healthy and be on your ideal weight. It’s always good to enjoy the pleasure of food without gaining weight.

You have several programs to choose from. By eating according to your plan, you can surely be at your best body and healthy.

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